Splash Zone is a certified Pebble-Flex and Aqua-Flex installer. Pebble and Aqua-Flex are an extremely durable rubber surfacing that is both chlorine resistant and UV light stable giving it years of life with vibrant colors.

Pebble-Flex and Aqua-Flex come with a  (2-7) year warranty against degrading, which means it wont discolor or delaminate for at least two to seven years — although testing has shown that this rubber surfacing will last much longer!

The Pebble-Flex and Aqua-Flex rubber surfacing comes in 16 different colors giving you the freedom to use your imagination on designs. We can also easily incorporate custom designs, shapes, logos and borders into your splash pad surface.

To get some ideas for your splash pad, click the link below for the Pebble-Flex and Aqua-Flex color chart or visit www.pebbleflex.com for a full list of colors.