Splash Zone GUARANTEES an unmatched standard splash pad package for residential use!  For starters, we offer 150 square feet of pour in place concrete surface area with an acrylic “cool deck” slip resistant finish, 8 multi-directional spray jets, 1 bubbler jet (that’s 9 total jets!), pre-plumbing for our proprietary AGS system, a 1.5 HP pool grade pump, a pool grade cartridge filter, 150 gallon underground tank with an automatic water leveler, sanitation system and a programmable splash pad activation system.

All of our standard spray jets are interchangeable so you can add different types of spray patterns to keep your splash pad exciting!

Our tank is a patented water storage tank that provides additional filtering and is required on commercial projects by the strictest health departments in the country!

Our proprietary AGS (Above Ground System) system allows you to add an additional water feature such as, a water umbrella, water mushroom, fire hydrant, rain stick and many others features.

If you are looking for something more than standard, you can add rubber surfacing, more spray jets, dumping buckets, lights and the list goes on…

So what is the GUARANTEE?  It’s simple; we guarantee a larger splash pad with more water features for less money!
Community center, HOA, parks and recreation?  We have the perfect system for you at a cost that can’t be beat!  For any size commercial splash pad, please contact us for a free quote.