Splash Pads – A Modern Twist on Backyard Water Features

While splash pads are a great source of fun and entertainment for children, many of our clients have found that they make fantastic water features for their backyards.  They love having a water feature that adds to the look and feel of the backyard, provides the soothing sound of water and is still safe for their children to play in. In the past, fountains and ponds have typically been the standard, but if you’re in search of something more contemporary and easier to maintain, a splash pad is the modern twist on backyard water features you’ve been looking for.


We recently visited the home of a Phoenix resident to discuss the installation of a splash pad in her backyard. The grandmother of 5 told us that she occasionally has her grandchildren over to visit and likes the idea of having something for them to do outside other than a swimming pool. But more important to her was being able to enjoy the splash pad for herself as a water feature. She hoped it would add to the ambiance of her backyard and also hoped that the sound of water would drown out some of the traffic noise from a nearby road.

As we discussed different design options with her, we couldn’t help but notice a water fountain just to the side of her back patio. It looked like it had definitely seen better days. When asked about the water fountain, she said that she still planned on using the fountain from time to time, but that it gets dirty easily and is difficult to clean. She also said that she would never dream of letting her grandchildren play with the water in the fountain.


We’ve all seen those water fountains that, no matter how beautiful and pristine they start out as, soon turn green with algae as the surfacing begins to crack and peel away.  Many of these fountains and other backyard water features, such as ponds or waterfalls, are designed to be simple to clean and maintain. However, if you’re not paying attention, things can go south quickly.

More and more people are beginning to see the advantages of having a splash pad in their backyard that serves as more than just pure entertainment for the kids. Splash pads are easy to maintain and great for adding atmosphere to your yard with their clean and neat design.  You can choose a splash pad design that matches the layout of your backyard with a selection of sprays and features to give you just the water feature you want.  Even the smallest splash pad can produce the perfect amount of sound of water – whether it’s more of a waterfall sound or just the pitter-patter of rain.

Planning an event in your backyard? Not a problem! When they’re not in use, splash pads serve as great additional patio space. All of the ground features are set to be flush with the surface of the pad so they won’t interfere with tables, chairs or anything else you may need to set up.  Any above ground features can be easily removed to give you more room.


Add LED lights to your splash pad and now you’ve got a water feature that really comes alive once the sun goes down. The water catches the light in just the right way to completely change the look of your yard. It’s fun to look at, relaxing, and the best part is, you can let your kids or grandkids play in it without having to worry about what’s in the water.

So if you’re looking for just the right water feature to create an amazing atmosphere in your backyard, consider a Splash Zone splash pad. (For those of you who are really into Koi and algae, maybe stick with the traditional water fountain or pond. 😉)

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5 Ideas to Consider for Your Backyard Splash Pad


As public splash pads in parks, schools and community centers continue to grow in popularity across the country, many people are making the decision to build their own splash pad in the privacy of their backyard. Installing a backyard splash pad gives you the ability to have more control over the design and layout of your pad. You can tailor your splash pad to your personal tastes for the enjoyment of your family and friends.

So what exactly should you include in your backyard splash pad?

There really is no limit to how big or elaborate your splash pad can be other than the size of your yard and your budget. However, there are some ideas that everyone should think about as they begin to plan for and design their splash pad. Here are the top 5 ideas you should consider:

1. Size

One of the first questions that comes up for people thinking about a splash pad is in regards to size. How big should my splash pad be? One of the best ways to determine the right size for your splash pad is to have an idea of how many kids will be playing on it at once. You should consider how often you will be inviting friends and neighbors over, as well as birthday parties and family gatherings. Splash Zone recommends that there is 30 square feet for each child playing on the splash pad. Using that equation, you can start to get an idea of how big your pad should be.

2. In-Ground vs. Above-Ground Features

If you’ve ever been to a public splash pad or splash park, chances are you’ve seen some fun features like dumping buckets and water loops. For many people, their backyards simply aren’t big enough to incorporate some of the larger commercial above-ground features found at public splash pads. But that doesn’t mean you can’t design something that is still lots of fun for kids. There are a number of different in-ground nozzles and spray plates that create cool designs and provide plenty of entertainment for children. There are also smaller, light-commercial features that would work perfect for a backyard splash pad, such as a mini-mushroom or fire hydrant. Splash Zone is a proud installer of Rain Deck product.

3. Foot or Post Activator

How nice would it be to simply touch a foot plate or the top of a post and watch your splash pad come to life? That’s exactly what happens when you install an activator on your splash pad. An activator makes it easy and fun to turn your splash pad on – the kids can even do it on their own. The best part is, you can set a timer so that all of the features turn off 15 minutes later, no matter when your splash pad activates. An activator makes your splash pad fun to use, saves water and eliminates having to walk to the pump to each time you want to turn the splash pad on or off.

4. LED LIghts

One of the coolest upgrades to any splash pad is the addition of lights. The multi-colored LED lights that we carry at Splash Zone will completely change the feel of your splash pad once the sun goes down. With an easy-to-use remote control, you can instantly turn your playful splash pad into a beautiful water feature. These lights make playing on the splash pad at night even more entertaining for the kids and adds a nice atmosphere to your backyard.

5. Pool Tie-In

If you already have a swimming pool in your backyard, you might think that a splash pad is out of the question. Not so! Some of the most gorgeous splash pads we’ve worked on tie in to a pool, taking things to a whole new level. Imagine having water from a Water Mushroom cascading down into the shallow end of your pool…or a layout of nozzles that create a water tunnel that leads to your pool. Whether you planning to build a new pool or already have an existing pool, there are many different splash pad pool tie-in options to choose from that will greatly enhance the look and entertainment of your pool.

Having your own backyard splash pad may be more realistic than you think! It’s just like getting plants for your office, and you should try renting plants for your office. Give Splash Zone a call today to learn more. We’ll discuss options with you and help you visualize the perfect splash pad for your backyard. Call 800-985-3031!