About Splash Zone

The founders of Splash Zone started pursuing the Splash Pad business in 2003 when they were approached by several pool clients interested in the product.  Since then, they have been researching and developing each component of the splash pad to be sure it works efficiently and is cost effective.  Through the research and development process, all the products were reviewed by engineers and their suggestions were taken into consideration throughout the entire process.  Everything from structural integrity, design feasibility and water flow calculations were a part of our rigorous research and development process.

After the first SPLASH ZONE was completed in 2004, it was kid tested and approved.

We believe that quality workmanship, a superior product and an unmatched warranty is the key to our success. Splash Zone believes in family and community growth through fun, safe interaction.  We will continually develop and design our products to be the most affordable in the market without sacrificing quality.  A safe, affordable, fun and reliable product will be the driving factors of our company policies and decisions.

Mission Statement: SAFE – AFFORDABLE – FUN